2021 Club Tournaments and Events

The full list of 2021 events has just been announced. Everything at this stage is very much provisional and subject to the Covid restrictions in place which will be communicated to all before each event.

Club Tournaments and Social Events for 2021

Below is a list of all the tournaments which are open to all club members. The tournaments are friendly sessions and all senior members will be very welcome - come along and enjoy the tennis whatever your standard.

All tournaments start promptly at 2.15pm (apart from the Dilley Cup which starts at 1.15pm) - you need to arrive and be registered at 2pm (1pm for Dilley Cup) or you may not be able to take part!! The Club Sunday sessions will start at 2pm and end at 5pm and the tournaments will end by 6pm.

Entry fees: £1 for all tournaments (except Dilley & Strawberry Tea which are £2).
Cash payable on the day please!!

Please bring Cakes or similar refreshments along; tea and coffee will be provided.
All tournaments have runners-up and winners prizes.

Sun 25th April 2021 (2pm - 5pm) Club Sunday An all club Sunday session to kick off the new season.

Sun 23rd May 2021 (2pm - 6pm) Ladies Day The Ladies get their very own tournament and a chance to show off their silky skills.

Sun 30th May 2021 (2pm - 5pm) Club Sunday The last Sunday in May will be an all club rollup.

Sun 6th June 2021 (2pm - 6pm) Mens Doubles An exciting doubles tournament for Men taken seriously by some and for fun by others.

Sun 20th June 2021 (2pm - 6pm) Strawberry Tea Tournament A friendly tournament washed down with a strawberry tea. A firm favourite with everyone.

Sat 26th June 2021 (2pm - 6pm) Junior Tournament (Closed) A tournament for the juniors (members only).

Sun 27th June 2021 (2pm - 5pm) Club Sunday The last Sunday in June will be an all club rollup.

Sun 4th July 2021 (2pm - 6pm) The Anne Brown Trophy Tournament named after a former stalwart of the club.

Sun 18th July 2021 (1pm - 6pm) Dilley Cup The highlight of the Histon grass court season with a (handicapped) mixed doubles tournament. Unfortunately, due to extended Covid restrictions, it will NOT this year be followed by a lavish spread of food, wine and beer. But it is another silverware occasion.

Wed 21st July 2021 (from 6pm) Cheese and Wine Evening (Provisional) A great evening of tennis with free cheese and wine afterwards. This will go ahead regardless of the weather so please do support the organisers and come along.

Sun 25 July 2021 (2pm - 5pm) Club Sunday The last Sunday of July will be an all club session.

Sun 8th August 2021 (2pm - 6pm) The Graham Hindle Trophy A mixed doubles tournament for a new trophy named in honour of our former Chairman who passed away in 2015.

Sun 5th Sep 2021 (2pm - 5pm) Club Sunday The first Sunday in September will be an all club session.

Sun 19th Sep 2021 (2pm - 6pm) Pizza & Beer Tournament Pizza and Beer and there's a chance a game of tennis might be involved as well.

Sun 26th Sep 2021 (2pm - 6pm) Pizza & Beer Tournament #2 Reserved in case the tournament is cancelled the week before.